my 8 year old has talent ? a parenting guide-

“catch the rise of the steam — on the last fan up — game series” caution — don’t be an unenrolled user

“put berries in their pockets, at the zoo @ , production”

in the play group scenario below, parents are invited to explore their child(s) potential … ages 8 to 12 only

if you hit it, when you are young, & keep it — that’s more than luck! … think “your block now — or the letter ‘m’ perhaps — draw it w/ your finger — out loud, stating your intentions by addressing the letter directly” then set a cheery tune to it — ’cause that fan may never return … ( if you can say anything — do anything in service to yourself — think lifeboat scenario — you have talent ) the camera prefers smoke — drawn to it- hanger for clothes diet- round face play young — & introduce stress for angle —S — eat as little as possible —or imagine that is so, comedy likes cold temp — w/ the audience sitting or stepping on some hard childs toy- minor annoyance — anything to seek out a pulse — of course you want to be liked — just liked enough to be asked to “stop placing random nonsense between my ears” & selected cogs — Ahh to be accused of thus … only to respond- “damage done” Oh & free britney — free her, from um …

cosmic dot era

(no shallow water access) & made to submerge enough to allow external structures to roll- absorbing wave energy from beneath the surface- stabilizing occupants w/in — looking through water @ the storm above- clear days for parabolics (troughs in dishes — concentric) w/ salt batteries (think steam generator w/ excess heat used to melt salt in 2 chambers, heat 1 — salt expands to other …) used to desalinate water & produce A/C … (a/c can’t be stored directly — thus salt battery keeps steam generator going- after hours) … chandelier is coral — standing- on sandy ceiling — to be boarded— 70’s kiss & negotiator, that chimp @ thing …

cosmic dot era

2 popcorns — ( the microwave setting strategy = press 2 buttons, duh — including ‘On”, after door shuts ) can cook 2 red potatoes — of avg. build — in a small pyrex @, glass poorer- the holder & weaver, the cook -of some broader insanity … Jeannie C. Riley — Harper Valley P.T.A. rivaled by Bobby Gentry — Ode to Billy Joe … no edit

cosmic dot era

thespian creatures- don’t fall in love with the story -but when you do -remember the shoes you were wearing … birken stocks @ -clackin’ — please ! Actions and Reputation — intelligent Prose is Magic … Ms. Silverman- & Rory, nice pod! — are observed to support non-violence , however entertaining the mob- & … or job, oh-bit on the story … & sell stuff — glory — size 11 proud … meathead, won sock & shoe- yelled goose @ the show … sounds like boo & you’re low w/ the crowd …

cosmic dot era

“- and other combinations — keep good relations with those you shop with — & choose for your children — until they catch you — they’ll do the same for you.” cast & crew arrested d.

cosmic dot era

off the skiff, & gone-

dude just love chasin’ them rats,

would boat launch-

ass sailing over railing- & slippery palms … grab those critters scramblin’ - & dunk their asses- dead-

raised & delivered, farm fed-

shot in black- in the nite — George Segul said …

valued B S version, Major Tom-

can we talk between 2 towers … ?

’cause they shot the goal- never got there-

train track reception — for a better filming-

“oh gone” eLiza D. “the good things to eat”

made w/ Crab Apple Jam @ …

& soma fems- David Snell

a cynic’s playground — guilty … though mostly accurate quote w/ witnesses, the great hotel owner: ron howard “it’s not how tall you stand, terrence — it’s what you say & what you play” — no edit offered …

cosmic dot era

the pride of Espana, speaks on clay : ”para evitar los avances del conjunto opuesto”

credit for drink recipe- to the enjoyable crew of: ‘teddy’s gladiator vest’ bar & grill -an enjoyable meeting place coming to your town soon … named after — well, it’s more of harness, of one of my smaller dogs- who like the spaniard- an honorably warrior — vicious concentration — the game of play, an opera to him … he runs after anything , clay- pigeons even …

@ the intersection of blenders tooth : mostly ice, some Dr. Pepper, bananas & fireball …

cosmic dot era

”Trade Marks — Caution Kitchen. Fire dried audience doesn’t hurt the search, for the warehouse restrooms are, well everything is organized well in the “large hardware game” Then Into the ring w/ some New Products- sleep, good wine and time - can buy aprox.5 minutes (minutes to dollars works) of deft conversation (hot dog stand, standards apply) for five dollars can- clean it, to avoid the advances of the opposite set — off the table ;-))

Ah Pamplona …

cosmic dot era

ay Scottish General’s current thought bubble “The Cool Mint Listerine @ ( @ =“treatymark thingy” ) there is that @ / The damn Major — Oops look right at him- and Think: i Am: not an alcoholic — the needs of the flesh eclipse any political ambition that i may — or may not have”

“yes General — the boys would like the ‘u’ to know —the paint got in his eyes & the way it kinda glows Blue — Aunty M. @ — it does mess with the flys — fefs up their navigation- ‘Buzzin’ some weird ass “popcorn” @ ( “@” likes to attach, if you get too close to it ) sound — messes w/ the General’s head”

“indeed Major — treatymarks aside, & in consideration of Mr. Mayor Phishmaher’s attempt to — ‘pic’ this off the golf wall wash rack — asap — Most politicians will work like Mules — just got to watch em,”

: “Those kackling ferries — Palpable Deference — Is God Real ? You can’t Miss — Step the Tide! Fast for your desires, Then please march out — Ahead of the Friendlies — fer a bit. Looking Through the Lenses of the Opposition, a small proposition ?”

“it goes all the way down”

“Yessir — car sales right — that chimp thing — this spicey table side mixer should b better- opposing digits- it’s all there in 2022 - neo giants, implies a missing domino — of same, paper towel sized — then off we march, to the salt — by golly-cashews — can be made to appear — w/ shoe polish”

“exactly — paint that marble black if you have- yes the Major is not attached — Though The Mayor bounces from here to there -problem solver — Maj. H. Tuttle, Corps of Engineers — nice work & please don’t consider discussion — this or any other — As the base knows the details — as just another hum — information available to your: ‘Resume(s) R Us - Ha -Done Like a Weekend University — Your Hired’ … Business” — the closer’s for u william m.- take it you — b-st-rd!

cosmic dot era

John Howell

Insta-Head- “Our communication Devices- Stopped Breaking Coconuts … The Sweet Meet Inside- Now Connected … Became The Coconut.” Cosmic Dot Era

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